About us

We are a young company with educated and skilled people with innovative ideas and solutions. Individual demands from our clients are our priority and we always try to improve our knowledge and personal skills.
Our team consists of a booking manager, experienced skippers and skilled hostesses, securing the highest possible standard in the whole process of arranging and planning, booking and finally setting out on an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia. We are always at your service.

We are located in Split "the most beautiful city in the world and beyond", according to local people. Our boats are in ACI Marina Split, which is placed on the western side of the city only 10 minute walking distance from the downtown. The city of Split is situated in the warmest region of the northern Mediterranean coast, in the very centre of the Adriatic eastern coast. Its mild climate, with 2700 sunny hours per year, makes it an oasis where, sheltered from the wind, one can enjoy the sun even in wintertime. Unusual fusion of modern character and ancient architecture, with its 1700-year old Diocletian Palace protected by UNESCO makes Split so unique.